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  • Want to Sleep Better? 1 of 3 Tips

    This is not medical advice. Please see a medical professional.

    I don’t have time for sleep deprivation. I simply can not tolerate it–Not. One. Bit. Feeling tired is a complete catastrophe and I can never handle it.

    (Please read the HEAVY exaggeration and hyperbole for effect.)

    Oftentimes, it’s the error of thinking that we cannot handle being overtired that triggers a cycle of sleep struggles.

    We get caught up thinking, “Oh, great. I’m not asleep yet. I only have X number of hours left and that’s going to mean that I won’t be sharp in that meeting, and surely my colleagues will notice, and then I’ll have to play catch-up…” 

    We overestimate what might happen if we don’t sleep well, and then we assume that it would be a catastrophe and we don’t have what it takes to handle it. 

    It’s exhausting just writing about it.

    Tip #1

    Tell yourself:

    1. I’d like to sleep well tonight, but it’s not the end of the world if I don’t sleep as well as I’d like.

    2. I don’t need to fret; I’m an adult who can handle feeling over-tired. 

    3. I’ve chosen to get less sleep for less-worthy occasions. (Think about that one concert you attended on a weeknight.) If I handled it then, I can handle it now.

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