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  • Stop a Panic Attack Fast

     If you have had a panic attack, you know it is like nothing else you’ve experienced.  You may feel your heart pounding, palms sweating, a sense of doom, an urge to flee, gut pain, disassociation, brain fog, narrowed sight, and/or restlessness. 

    They’re no fun. At all. But panic attacks are incredibly common. 

    Here are two of my top ideas for stopping a panic attack fast.

    1. Do a grounding exercise. My go-to is the 54321 exercise. To do this, you make note of 5 things you see; you then note 4 things you hear; you note 3 things you smell, 2 things you feel, and 1 one thing you taste.

    Why does it work? The five senses scan your surroundings for danger. The senses tell your brain that you’re safe, and then gradually, the panic attack backs off.

    2. Disrupt the panic attack with a change of surroundings or a change of temperature. You can grab some ice to crunch or rub on your wrist, or you can step outside into warmer or cooler temperatures. Again, you are interrupting the flight-or-flight thoughts that are taking over your brain.

    These are just two ideas. Test out other grounding exercises and coping skills to find at least two that fit you best and can be applied at almost any moment. 

    Please remember that this post is not medical advice; please see a medical professional.