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  • Ready for a Relationship? What to Consider Before You Couple Up

    “Am I ready for a relationship?” Before you couple up, consider the following questions.

    1. Do I have time for a relationship?

    Maybe you’re starting a new job. Perhaps your kids are in a busy season. Think about your schedule and which blocks could be dedicated to a relationship. Realistically, could you see your sweetie once every weekend? What about during the work week? What item on your calendar could be eliminated to make time for a date?

    2. Do I have the money to spend on a relationship?

    That question sounds heartless, but it’s relevant because many couples break up due to finances. Consider your present financial situation. Think about how much room you have in your budget for dinners out, weekends away, etc. Of course, not every date needs to cost money, but are you prepared to split the cost of entertainment–or would you be counting on your date to foot the bill?

    3. Does the person share my values?

    Ignoring your values for the sake of a relationship is cognitive dissonance, meaning that your beliefs differ from your behaviors and attitudes. It’s very uncomfortable. If you shed your values to force a relationship, you may be setting yourself up for hurt down the road.  Cognitive dissonance primes the pump for resentment, depression, and anxiety.