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  • Quiz: Are You Perfectionistic?

    This is not medical advice. Please see a professional. 

    Perfectionism may sound like a badge of honor for the high-achieving person, but it is actually a hindrance. The striving, the rigidity, and the never-good-enough mentality can cause depression, burnout, and anxiety. 

    Do you think you are perfectionistic? Take the quiz below. Answer yes or no to each. 

    Do you fear making mistakes?

    Do you tend to be overattentive to details?

    Are you often dissatisfied?

    Do you struggle to make decisions (analysis paralysis)?

    Do you prefer to do tasks independently rather than accept help?

    Do you spend much more time than what is required to complete tasks?

    Are you critical of yourself and other people?

    Would others say you’re demanding?

    Do you people joke that you over organize/schedule everything in your life?

    Do you avoid tasks that you doubt you can do perfectly? 

    If you answered yes to four or more, then you may have a tendency to be perfectionistic. It might be worth your time to read about perfectionism and possibly reach out to a professional (especially if your relationships, job, health, or education are being held back by it).

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