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  • 6-Second Kiss Packs a Punch

    This is not medical advice. See a medical professional. Also, I am not a sales gal for Gottman merchandise.

    So the psychologist Dr. John Gottman said that holding a kiss for at least 6 seconds makes a significant difference in your relationship? Love it.

    Here are my 3 favorite benefits from holding a smooch for at least 6 seconds.

    1. It reduces cortisol and boosts oxytocin. (Meaning, the long kiss lessens stress hormones and ups love hormones. Two for the price of one, in my book.)

    2. The 6 seconds makes you focus on your Sweetheart. You cannot rush it, and you’ll most likely put your hands somewhere fun at the same time. (Fun stuff.)

    3. I believe that when you initiate the 6-second kiss you communicate to your Babe that he matters to you, that nothing else is more important in this moment, and that you might be open to getting it on. (If not at this exact moment, it’s a way to get the lusty thoughts simmering to be indulged later. And that’s REALLY fun stuff.)