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  • Famous Last Words: I Would Never Cheat

    *This blog is not a substitute for professional advice. It’s my opinion. Find a professional who is qualified to help. And if you’re being abused, consider your safety first.

    We make ourselves vulnerable to cheating on our spouses by how we think about ourselves. Often, we assume that we have a superpower that strongarms our lust.

    Because cheating is such a taboo, we can create an air of indignance around it. “I would never cheat on my spouse.” Why? Because that’s what Bad People do.

    And, of course, we’re not Bad People. So we wouldn’t cheat.

    Then it happens.

    That colleague who is such a good listener.

    That extra glass of wine that helped you open up about the problems in your marriage.

    That eye contact that made you feel seen–that soon became a warm hand on the small of your back.

    We can set up safeguards to prevent cheating. Yes, even us, the so-called Good People, are vulnerable.

    Quick List of Safeguards

    *Be very careful about sharing your deepest emotional intimacy with people other than your spouse.

    *Don’t keep secrets from your spouse.

    *If you’re feeling attracted to someone, out yourself to your spouse. “I’m feeling oddly attracted to So-And-So. I want you to know so that nothing strange happens.”

    *Share your phone password with your spouse, just cuz.