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  • Do I Have Postpartum Depression?

    If you’re feeling low following the birth of your baby, you’re not alone.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that one in eight mothers feel the symptoms of postpartum depression. 

    Do You Have Postpartum Depression?

    First, see your doctor and ask to be screened for it. We know to not use the Internet as a diagnostic tool, but it is tempting to diagnose ourselves. Maybe the better question is: How do I cope with feelings of depression?

    Coping Skills for Depression 

    1. Reach out for emotional support from friends and family. Loved ones forget that Mama needs emotional support in addition to the delivered meals, free babysitting, and gifts.
    2. Make an appointment with a therapist (even telehealth) so you can vent and get personalized education and coping strategies.
    3. Keep track of your sleep and eating patterns; write it down, just like you might be doing for your newborn. 
    4. Move your body daily. If you’re recovering from a C-section, find an online video of ways you can stretch your body in safe ways. 
    5. Keep a gratitude list and sit with it for at least three minutes daily. Pray or speak to yourself about the gifts surrounding you.
    6. Have compassion for yourself. Don’t be hard on yourself for feeling down. Instead of being harsh with yourself (I shouldn’t feel like this”) offer yourself some grace (“These feelings will pass as I pursue my health”).

    *These ideas do NOT substitute for an appointment with your doctor or therapist. If you’re feeling suicidal in any way, call the suicide hotline or go to the emergency room.